Using Playdough Mats for Spelling

Playdough mats for hands on spelling not only helps fine motor skills but also creates an out of the box learning experience.

5/24/20242 min read

In this blog post, I will explore the power of play in education. My hands-on approach to homeschooling is why I say that subjects like spelling do not have to be boring! Playing with playdough is something that most children adore. Mix that with a subject that is normally drill and kill such as spelling and you have something that children actually look forward to doing!

I first started looking for something different to introduce spelling after going through curriculum after curriculum with my oldest daughter. She didn't want to sit down and write and her fine motor skills were weak. I wanted something that would work on fine motor skills and spelling and be fun! I created spelling playdough mats to make spelling hands on and able to work for my two younger neurodivergent children as well.

Each playdough mat contains a sentence in which the word in used. I wanted my kids to understand the context of the word as well as being able to spell it. Each playdough mat also contains the spelling word in large bubble letters perfect for tiny hands to create out to playdough! An fun image related to the word that can also be created with playdough is also included!

Here's Some Examples:

Check out these fun examples of the first grade spelling playdough mats!

Created by a homeschool mom of 5 for actual neurodivergent kids!