Back to “Normal” 2020

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Many parents have questions right now about their children going back to school:

When does school start?

Will the kids have recess?

Will the lunchroom serve food?

What will the classroom look like?

We are all hoping for a return to normal very soon, but if you need a starting date you can count on…set your own. You can homeschool your kids and not worry about the answers that change daily. You may have been doing it the hard way, so let’s look at another way.

A homeschool led by the parent is able to choose times, days, places, curriculum and method to suit the family. As a bonus, one of the things I loved about homeschooling my kids for many years is that we were never tied down to an ISD calendar.

Instead of many online classes, my family preferred books, adventures, documentaries and hands-on learning. We tied history to geography and geology, making lap-books, games, inventions and stories. In addition, government studies led us to visit town hall and the state capitol. PE was fencing and dancing and hiking and more. My son and daughter were far more interested when they had a say of curriculum, subject or method. In conclusion, special interests led the way for many of the academic subjects.

Let me give you a small list of my resources: *other homeschool families*homeschool book-fair*teachers pay teachers*math-u-see*spangler science*HSLDA*co-ops*libraries*Mardel’s*Teaching Textbooks. There are so many resources out there tailored to specific ages, interests or learning style that it can be hard to navigate. I would love to help you find what you need and make this transition easier for you.

There are times when I really miss those days. But I look at who my kids have become and the adventures they are on now and am excited for their futures.

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When I first started out homeschooling my children, finding resources was a struggle. After eleven years of experience in hunting down the most effective and appropriate materials, I will now help pave the way for others. By learning that education is not a one size fits all, I have experimented with many different curriculum, teaching tools, and games that I would love to share with your family.
If you want to create the best lesson plan for you and your family or locate the resources that are right for you then contact me at Homeschool Choices down below. For July and August, I offer a short 15 minute Q & A for free, and a hour of specific coaching for $35. I look forward to hearing from you!

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